Build Your Dream Stream Ebook

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That's me! =) Here is what you can expect to find in the book:

The complete story of how I discovered Twitch and failed miserably at it.

Why You Should Read This Book
Streaming has changed over the years. I'll teach you about the reality of being a streamer and you'll learn to accept reponsibility for your success.

Chapter One: Putting In Effort Most People Won't

There are millions of streamers, but many don't want to put in the effort that building a successful streaming career takes. In this chapter, I will give you a few easy steps to give yourself an edge against everyone sitting at the bottom of their chosen game directories.

Chapter Two: God Tier Networking Strategies

Networking is an absolutely crucial skill for streamers. But networking will only get you so far. In this chapter, I'll tell you why, teach you my favorite networking strategies, and help you build a healthy mindset for your professional relationships.

Chapter Three: The Consistency Trap
Consistency is arguably the most important skill for streamers. Building a successful stream is the result of a strong and consistent foundation. In this chapter, I'll help you flip the switch and become a consistent creator, and I'll give you the reality check you've been needing.

Chapter Four: Building Your BAD AF Brand
Branding can be difficult to explain and implement, until you read this chapter. I'll give you the 7 crucial components of a strong brand, and show you how each piece is represented in my branding. I'll also share the 6 exercises I used to build Stream Coach and find my niche.

Chapter Five: From Streamer to Content Creator
I truly believe one of the weaknesses in our community is how we identify solely as a streamer. If you want long-term, sustainable growth, you need a presence on multiple content platforms. In this chapter, I'll teach you about growing your brand on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and blogging, and podcasts. I'll also show you my content strategy and help you develop your own.

Chapter Six: Community Growth and Leadership

Great streams are led by great people. I'll teach you about setting boundaries, managing your community, and stepping into your leadership role with grace, while preventing your guilt for doing so. 

Chapter Seven: Achieving Your Dream and Going Pro 

Full-time streaming is a dream for many of us. But it isn't as easy as it looks. I'll go in-depth about my successes and struggles as a full-time creator, and help you learn about building a better business model around your content.

What You Should Do now

After you've read the book, this chapter will bring everything together for you in a realistic way. These are my final words to tie everything together. Whew!

About the Author

A brief section about me, in case you'd like to get to know me better!

Resources List

A detailed list of my favorite books, podcasts, and other content that you can use to learn more.

**BONUS** Workbook & Audiobook
This ebook also comes with a workbook of the 6 exercises I used to find clarity about my place in the streaming industry. An audiobook with extra stories, tips, and advice is also included.


Learning the strategies in this book will be incredibly helpful, but it does not guarantee your success. No book, person, or course can promise that to you. Never blindly trust anyone giving streaming advice, myself included. 

That being said, I promise this book will expose you to ideas you've never thought about before. 

I truly hope it helps.

I am here for you every step of the way <3


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Build Your Dream Stream Ebook

99 ratings
I want this!